Crossfire World Outreach Ministries Benevolence Fund

Our Benevolence fund is specifically for those who are in need in our church and in the community. Our priority will be to first take care of those who are faithful attendees of Crossfire and then, if there is an abundance, help those in need in our community. The Church Benevolence committee will look at the requests that come in and decide who and how much we can help, depending on how much is in the Benevolence fund. We ask that those who choose to give to our benevolence fund, do so above and beyond their support of the church through tithes and offerings. The church has many ministries that also help those in need and rely on the regular giving to support those ministries.
Please select the Benevolence Giving below if you would like to give to the Benevolence Fund or select the Benevolence Request below if you would like to apply for help.