Bible Reading groups meet once a week for the duration of the reading plan to offer encouragement and to discuss what they're reading. Groups also provide accountability, which can be critical to success. The groups will meet throughout the week in different neighborhoods
Crossfire Building Ministry
 The Crossfire Building ministry is a group of servants who wish to use their gifts and talents to maintain the facilities that the Lord has blessed us with. If you have skills that you would like to offer, we would love to have you be apart of our Building Ministry. We need carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, landscapers and anyone who has physical skills that would help the church maintain and repair our buildings and property. We also need those who would like to do cleaning and stocking of supplies. Thank you for your heart to serve in this much needed ministry. If you would like more info contact  Pastor Aaron Taylor by clicking here
Celebrate Recovery

This ministry is currently in search of leadership.  If you  feel called to lead this ministry write us.

The purpose of Celebrate Recovery is to fellowship and celebrate, Gods healing power in our lives through the eight recovery principles found in the Beatitudes and Christ Centered 12 steps. This experience allows us to be changed. We open the door by sharing our experiences, victories, and hopes with one another. In addition, we become willing to accept Gods grace in solving life's problems. By working the Christ centered steps and applying their biblical principles found in the Beatitudes, we begin to grow spiritually. We become free from our addictive, compulsive, and dysfunctional behaviors. This freedom creates peace, serenity, joy, and most importantly, a stronger personal relationship with God and others. As we progress through the principles and the steps, we discover our personal, loving, and forgiving Higher Power- Jesus Christ. 

Crossfire Television ministry
has been airing a Television show since December 1993. Our Television Ministry films the preaching on Sunday mornings, as well as the various events and camps that happen here at Crossfire. The Television Ministry also produces commercials and announcements for Crossfire events. You can watch our TV episodes, videos from various crossfire events, testimonies and dramas on our YouTube website .In the Eugene area we are on the following television stations: UPN-TV KEVU: Channel 23 (Comcast Channel 4) Saturday 12 Noon, Sunday 9am
HIS WORD BROADCASTING KHWB: Channel 38.1 Various times and Live broadcasts of Springfield Services (Sunday Mornings, 11am)
See the His Word Broadcasting Website for schedules. CTV Public Access: ( Comcast Cable Channel 29) Saturday 6:00am Saturday 11:00pm
If you are not receiving Crossfire Television in your area, contact your local Television Station or Cable Provider and request Crossfire Television. If there are problems with the transmission of Crossfire Television, please call Crossfire at 541-686-FIRE-(3473). Check your local listings for specific air times. If you would like more information contact us.

Crossfire Ladies Ministry
The vision for Crossfire Ladies is to raise up women who know who they are in Christ by learning who God says that they are. We desire that the women of this community find where they fit in the body of Christ and to begin to function in the call and gifts that God has placed on them. We want the women to delve deeper into the Word of God and have a personal relationship with Christ like never before. It is also our desire that we as women be a strength to each other. Godly good relationships among women are rare these days and we believe that God is calling the Women here to walk in His fullness by being women of prayer, women of the Word, women of Purpose and most of all friends with one another.
If you are a woman of any age, there is a place in Crossfire Women's Ministry for you. We would love to have you join us for a time of fellowship, the Word and don't
If you would like more info contact Kristy Taylor  by clicking here

Crossfire security ministry
 oversees security issues for the church including the distribution of keys and making sure everyone feels safe when attending services.
 If you would like more info contact Pat Koch by clicking here  

Christian Education Ministry
We are looking for someone to direct this ministry. If you are interested, please contact us.
If you would like more information contact Aaron Taylor by clicking here

 The Crossfire Cleaning  ministry 
is a group of servants who wish to use their gifts and talents to maintain the facilities that the Lord has blessed us with. If you have skills that you would like to offer, we would love to have you be apart of our Building Ministry. We need carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, landscapers and anyone who has physical skills that would help the church maintain and repair our buildings and property. We also need those who would like to do cleaning and stocking of supplies. Thank you for your heart to serve in this much needed ministry.
For more information click here
Crossfire Financial Ministry
Crossfire Financial Ministry is governed by the Board of Directors in accordance with the laws of the State of Oregon and the United States for non-profit organizations. The board oversees all financial decisions of the church and approves a yearly budget for spending according to the by-laws of Crossfire World Outreach Ministry.
 For more information or questions contact Aaron Taylor  by clicking here

Heart of David ministries
For Heart of David ministries, there are many aspects of the Biblical Manifestations of praise that envelopes our ministry. We dance, play our tambourines, shout, clap, sing, speak out prophetically, intercede, and use banners as a symbol of God's authority. Our primary purpose is to support and be among the singers, musicians, and worship leaders in the procession of praise and worship at our home church Crossfire Healing House Church. We also desire to teach and train up other teams to do the same at their home churches. This must always be maintained in the integrity of His Word. Through extensive study, we have seen in the scriptures that dancing and playing the tambourine unto the Lord in praise and prophetic utterances will strengthen his people, unite them, form them into His army, and bring the army into the most intense spiritual warfare. We are always striving to push into the High Exultations of praise for our coming King. We know through His Word this has a destroying effect on the enemy of our soul. For us involved in this ministry, we know that THIS MEANS WAR!
If you would like more information click here

Home Team ministry
Home Team is our ministry to the body of Christ within our local church. Our first priority is to make sure that every visitor, first time guest or faithful member feels welcome by greeting them at our doors with a friendly handshake and/or hug and with a smile on our face. Our ushers will then show those who are new around our building. They take them to the nursery and toddlers area, the kids church building, or our café, and are willing to answer any questions they may have about our church. Home team is also a ministry dedicated to making sure the service goes uninterrupted by any distractions and make it an environment that the Holy Spirit can minister to the needs of the people. We want to value every person who comes to Crossfire so the Home Team also follows up by making phone calls or sending cards to members and guests. This is a ministry dedicated to loving people and making them feel that they have found a home with us. If you would like more information contact Gary Quimby by clicking here

Home Fellowship Groups
The purpose of Home Groups is to provide and promote fellowship opportunities within the community of God.
At Crossfire we desire that no one feels left out or forgotten. Home Groups are a great way for us to connect with other people in the Church to meet each other's needs as we grow in the Lord together through fellowship, bible study and prayer. If you would like more information contact Anthony Hopper by clicking here
Hands of Hope
 Hands Of Hope is a ministry dedicated to reaching out in to our community and touching people with the love of Jesus Christ. We do this by handing out FOOD BOXES and some Emergency Items. We desire to show people that we love them enough to give to them in there time of great need.
So if you or anyone you know would like to Volunteer and Crossfire Hands of Hope PLEASE CALL US at
541-686-5433!!! Wednesday 9am and 5pm (Volunteers) Thursday 9am and 5pm (Volunteers)Our Food Box Drive Thru: Every Thursday from 12 (NOON) - 4 PM Our Food Box Drive Thru is for absolutely ANYONE that needs food no matter income or circumstances! If you need food please come! We started doing it as a drive thru instead of a come in and shop set up (do to COVID) and it is completed hands free. You drive thru, we load up your car and then you are on your way! We are always open regardless of weather. We are only closed if it is a major holiday.
Please call the office at 541-686-5433 if you ever have any questions.
If you would like more information contact Shellee Koch by clicking here

Kids Town Children Ministry
It is our delight to help equip the younger generation for the work of the ministry and to encourage them to explore and operate in the fullness of their gifts and calling in the Kingdom. Children don't get a junior Holy Spirit and don't have to wait until grown up to begin walking in their God given destinies. God's desire is for all generations to work together bringing Glory to His Kingdom on this earth!
If you would like more information contact Kids Town Children Ministry by clicking here
Living Waters Camp Ministry
Our camp facilities are located 10 miles from our Springfield campus up on the beautiful McKenzie river. We hold youth, children's, and adult camps and retreats several times a year.
If you would like more information contact Vincent Cartales by clicking here

What a great day of celebrating our new Lazarus Mobile Food Ministry.  Great Days Ahead. Ending the summer strong with this new area of outreach and ministry! Win the Lost at Any Cost! Special thanks to Mike and Dani Crowley for the donation of Lazarus .Such a great day!
Media Ministries
Media Ministries is a vital part of Crossfire. We work behind the scenes to bring the out the best in our worship services. From mixing sound with our digital soundboard to running Pro-Presenter for displaying the song lyrics and videos on the projector screens, our volunteer staff works hard every week to keep everything looking and sounding good. We are always looking for people who would like to serve so if you feel like this is an area that would like to work in, please let us know. If you would like more information contact Josh DeLauder by clicking here

Men's Ministry
Men's Ministry is dedicated to training and teaching men how to serve Jesus in the times we live. Please join us for incredible times of fellowship as we learn together what a man of God looks like, so that we can show the world that "Men of God" are "Men of Honor"
If you would like more information contact Aaron Taylor by clicking here

Missions  & Outreach 
Crossfire is an outreach ministry. We reach both locally and globally, so World Mission is a large part of what we do. As we look around the world we see a great need and that combined with the commission of Christ, we feel compelled to use the gifts God has given us to support and strengthen the Global Church. There are two ways that we do this: financial support of ministries, and missions trips. Donations go to help build churches, feed the poor, help the hurting, and more. As often as we are able, Crossfire sends teams around the world to connect with other ministries, and to support and build the global church. These also help the participants catch a glimpse of the global vision, and how much the world really needs the love of Jesus. To see information on some of our past missions outreaches click on the following links. / Philippines / Africa / Romania
If you would like more information click here
Nursery & Toddlers Ministry

Crossfire needs your help with the babies and toddlers in our church . We are asking for your help in the nursery on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. It is vital that our chidden are taken care of in a safe and supportive environment . If you are interested in helping us please click here
Web Ministry (Facebook /Crossfire Web site )
Each week there is work being done to continually update our website and Facebook account. We update our upcoming events, calendar, podcasts ,videos. in addition to every thing else that goes into maintaining a website and Facebook account. if you have knowledge and experience in these areas we would love for you to be a part of this ministry . we can
also provide training for those who do not have experience in theses' areas. If you are interested in joining the web ministry team please  click here 
Crossfire's "On Your Feet " Program Is In Place To Help Those Who Are In Need Of Transitional Housing.
This Program Benefits Those Who Are In Need Of Temporary Housing. Although We Are Not Able To House Everyone Every Time We Desire  To Help In Any Way We Possibly Can To Support Family's And Individuals In Need For More Info Please Contact Crossfire @ 541-686-5433.
Due to Corvid 19 this ministry is on hold as we look at safe ways to continue this ministry
Out reach Café ministry
Crossfire World out reach ministries is dedicated to the fulfilment of the great commission. For over two decades we have raised up and partnered with ministries around the globe. The harvest is ripe and ready in our community, nation and around the world. A portion of all undesignated financial support that is given to C.W.O.M goes to the outreach pictured in out reach café. Every time you give to Crossfire you are bringing life giving aid and the gospel to people in desperate need. Please continue to join with all of us as the crossfire family reaches out with love to those in need .as we strive together to value every person God enables us to with his wonderful gospel if you are interested in being a part of the out reach café volunteer staff  click here
Due to COVID 19 the outreach café is temporally closed and will reopen as soon as it is possible to do so in a safe way
Office Administration

If you would like more information contact Kristy Taylor Allisa Hopper by clicking here
Prayer Ministry
Our prayer ministry includes our online prayer request blog that automatically sends out the prayer requests to our team by email and text messages. We also have a prayer team who prays for the needs of our body at the alters of both of our campuses during the worship service and at the end of message alter calls. If you are interested in being a part of our prayer team we encourage you to go through our prayer team training. Just click on the square on the right to access it.
If you would like to subscribe to our online prayer team you can do so by going to Subscribe to online prayer team.
You can also receive twitter notifications 
by following us at Prayer Crossfire
View our online prayer blog
Submit a Prayer Request
24 Hour Prayer Info
24 Hour Prayer Signup 
If you would like more information contact Aaron Taylor by 
clicking here

Rescue Riders
Rescue Riders is a motorcycle ministry for everyone. Our focus is on the hungry and hurting souls of our community. We will not be restricted by the law of man but instead we are empowered by the Love of Jesus. Together, we are made overcomers by our testimony and the Blood of Jesus.
We are not ashamed of God and we will "FEAR NOT". Isaiah 41:10 Motto: "WIN THE LOST AT ANY COST"
If you would like more information contact Aaron Taylor by clicking here

Tech Ministries
Crossfire Tech Ministries includes a wide variety of different fields. It includes our computer networking, website development, and various aspects of our sound and television ministries.
For more information click here

Transportation Ministry -Vans & Buses
The Transportation Ministry is a vital part of Crossfire World Outreach Ministries. Every week we pick up people from the Eugene Mission to bring them to Sunday Services and youth to our Wednesday Wildfire services. We also provide transportation to our camps and retreats. The transportation ministry is always looking for drivers with good records. The transportation ministry is also responsible for maintenance and minor repairs for all of our church owned vehicles.
*Due to COVID our Transportation Ministry is not running like normal. We hope to be back to a regular schedule ASAP! If you are in desperate need of a ride to Service and have no other way, please call the Church Office at 541-686-5433. We can see if there is anything we can do to help.
Same goes for Wildfire Youth on Wednesday Nights. We have several leaders in youth who pick kids up for Wednesday Night Youth Group. If your youth is in need of ride please call the Office at 541-686-5433 and we can get you in touch with leader.
* All leaders have had background checks completed and always have accountability in the cars.
If you would like more information click here

Wild Fire Youth Ministry
Wildfire is a dynamic ministry targeted towards the Jr. High, High School, and College age students in our area. We minister through dramas, videos, worship, and preaching the word. We believe that if God can get a hold of the hearts of young people it will change the future of our city, nation, and our world. Our purpose is to allow God to use us as tools to reach the hearts and lives of the young people in our area. The ministries we exercise are all youth oriented but anyone is invited to attend our services.
If you would like more information 
click  here

Worship Ministries
It is our heart as the Worship Ministry to follow the Biblical pattern of praise and worship. We see given in scripture the principles from which we derive our praise and worship techniques. These are not built upon myth or legend but rather on the solid foundation of the Word of God. Our goal is the manifest presence of God and the unity of His people. (2 Chronicles 5:13-14/ Psalm 133) In God's presence miracles can occur. Bondage's can be broken. And healings take place. In our corporate times together unity of the body is key when offering our sacrifice of praise and worship. Our worship is a gift to God and when we offer a gift to the Lord it should be about what we can give to Him not what He can give to us.
If you would like more information contact Daniel Dotte by clicking here