Media Ministry

The members of Crossfire's Media Ministry play a vital role in creating a visually and audibly engaging worship experience for the congregation. At the heart of their responsibilities is the skillful mixing of worship sounds with the soundboard. Their expert knowledge and attention to detail ensure that every instrument, vocal, and audio element harmoniously blend together to create a powerful and immersive worship environment.

In addition to their audio mixing prowess, the Media Ministry team also takes charge of running ProPresenter, a powerful software used for displaying song lyrics and videos on the projector screens. Their seamless coordination ensures that the congregation can easily follow along with the worship songs, enhancing their overall worship experience.

The Media Ministry team is committed to delivering a worship service that is visually stunning and audibly captivating. They work diligently behind the scenes, meticulously arranging the lighting, visual effects, and projection elements to create an atmosphere that fosters a deep connection with God. Their goal is to create an environment where individuals can fully immerse themselves in worship, allowing the music and visuals to uplift their spirits and draw them closer to their faith.

Crossfire understands the importance of this ministry and is always seeking individuals who are passionate about utilizing their technical skills and creative abilities to serve in this church ministry. They welcome those who have experience with sound mixing, audiovisual technology, or graphic design, as well as those who are eager to learn and contribute to the worship experience.

By joining the Media Ministry at Crossfire, individuals have the opportunity to play an integral part in facilitating a worship service that leaves a lasting impact on the congregation. Together, they work as a team to create an atmosphere where people can connect with God on a profound level, using their talents to make the worship experience both visually captivating and spiritually uplifting

If you would like more info, contact Josh Delauder