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What Every Small Group Should Include:

Small groups will meet weekly, bi-weekly and monthly, all small groups are intended to be made up of at least the following elements:
1  Fellowship and relationship building time.
2. Bible study or devotional time.
3. A time for open round table style discussion about the bible study or devotion that was done.
4. Personal prayer time to pray for one another's personal prayer requests.
5. (Optional) Some groups offer a time of worship if there is someone in the group capable to do it.

Types of small groups:

We currently offer 6 types of small groups.

Type 1-Home fellowship groups. This small group meets primarily in the leaders home. The theme for this group is building day to day relationships and addressing family dynamics and life issues from a biblical perspective. 

Type 2- Bible Study and Prayer groups. This small group meets locally in our area in various convenient locations such as coffee shops, restaurants, parks and various other places to provide a peer support for each other and bring accountability to one another as they discuss and study the word and/or to pray for one another, our church, our community, etc.

Type 3-Ministry groups. Those who serve and are involved in areas of ministry often find it the hardest to get involved in other small groups. For this reason we encourage our ministry leaders to have this time to meet with their staff and volunteers to share in a time of personal growth and spiritual maturity needs within these small groups. These small group will be geared toward a specific ministry i.e. Ladies or Men's Ministries, Hands of Hope and Field Of Dreams food ministries, Worship Team, Youth and Children's leadership, Tech Ministry etc.

 Type 4-Activity group. This small group is centered around a specific activity or interest. Using fellowship, ministry of the word and prayer along with an activity to grow, build relationships, encourage one another and reach out to others.

Type 5-Training groups. This small group is similar to other small groups but focuses on a book training course or class for a specific subject. This group will have a specified duration for the course i.e. 7 weeks. This will help us grow in the word and be able to apply it in our lives and others. A great starting point for anyone looking for depth in their walk, or to become a ministry leader or director.

Type 6-Purple Book groups. This is a very small group where 2-6 people or a couple of families get together weekly to go through the Purple Book. The Purple Book is a workbook style lesson that will help you understand foundational truths that God wants you to hear on topics such as sin, salvation, spiritual gifts, prayer, worship, generosity and evangelism. This is a wonderful inductive study of how to live for Jesus as well as a great tool for establishing a foundation in discipleship as we walk in unity.

Why Are Small groups small?

Small Groups are purposely designed to build close and personal relationships among the group members, these relationships will create a "family" atmosphere where open discussions dealing with day to day life issues can be done with a feeling of safety and confidence, while studying and diving into the word for answers,  guidance and wisdom. A small group will not only become a valuable support team but also a layer of accountability for one another which is critical to our growth in our walk with Christ. If a group becomes too large it runs the risk of losing the "small group" feel and jeopardizing the aforementioned benefits. This is why we strongly recommend and encourage that most small groups shouldn't exceed more than 15 people, if so than it needs to branch off into 2 or more small groups. The key purpose of keeping it to a 15 person maximum is not divide people, but again to help foster deeper connections which would be far more difficult in a larger setting.

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